Monday, December 24, 2012

Cameron's Monkey Birthday Party

 We  celebrated Cam's 1st Birthday this weekend.  His parents gave him the most awesome birthday party.  There were Monkeys everywhere.

In addition to the normal balloons and decorations...they decorated with the Monkey "gear"  he wore his 1st year....:)

His Pop made Monkey bread and Grandma made Monkey Banana Cupcakes.   :)

  His monkey cake was donated as a random act of remembrance of the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School Tragedy.  I thought it was fitting to publish this post to help raise money for the Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Hugs, Grandma Susan

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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Small Treasure...Ironstone Pitcher

 I found this small Ironstone Pitcher for 50 cents at the Habitat Restore.


Added a few Roses from the stinking cute!

Treasure Hunting can be so much fun... :)

~ Hugs  ~

Monday, July 16, 2012

Love them...Baby Blues

Duck Egg Blue High Chair 

I have been inspired by my Grandson's Blue Eyes.  I knew when I saw Annie Sloan's beautiful Duck Egg Blue Chalk Paint I had to find the perfect chair.  A few weeks back we had a day trip to meet my Hubby's Parents in Corinth, Mississippi. We ate lunch and afterwards thought we'd do some junkin'.  My hubby and sweet mother-in-law knew I was on the "prowl" for the perfect chair so they hunted it down for me.

Here she I hurried home to order the paint....:)

 It took me a lot of blog trolling to make sure I had the right technique.  I decided on 2 coats of chalk paint and let it dry about 30 minutes...the paint dries so fast. Then 2 layers of clear paste wax.  Distressed a tiny bit around the the wood would peek through. I think it is just about perfect...:-p

I love how the wax makes the paint shine and the finish is so nice and smooth.


Cam's first "official" meal at Grandma's house in his Blue High Chair

...this shot I thought he might just eat his spoon...LOL.  Thanks Hubby for taking the sweet pics of Cam ...  I love taking pics but I had to feed him. :)

~ Grandma  "Sue Sue"
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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Creative Carmella: Art Studio Open House and Door Prizes Too!

Ya'll have got to head over to Creative Carmella Blog and see her Studio makeover...I love her stuff!  :)

Creative Carmella: Art Studio Open House and Door Prizes Too!

You could enter to win a "Door Prize"....This is one of my favorites...:) 



Sunday, May 6, 2012

Cherry Angel Food Cake Trifle

Cherry Angel Food Cake Trifle

I thought I would share my first attempt at a trifle dessert today.  My Mom has been making the most amazing Trifle for quite a few years.  I normally get this yummy dessert for my Birthday "Cake".   This year my Birthday was on Easter so I had to settle for a "Bunny" Cake...:)  But my Mom is great and she knew I wanted a Trifle so she got me a bowl instead... so I could make my own.

Cherry Angel Food Trifle

Angel Food Cake
Homemade "Sauce" (Pudding)
Cherry Pie Filling
Heavy Whipping Cream

First prepare the Whipping Cream according to the instructions on the carton...put in refrigerator until ready to use.

The next step is to make the Homemade "Sauce" Recipe...

Homemade "Sauce"

3/4 Cup Sugar
2 TBSP Flour
2 Egg Yolks
2 1/2 cups Milk

In a small bowl separate your egg yolks and beat slightly with a fork...set aside.  Then in a thick bottom sauce pan combine sugar and flour.  Stir together well...I usually use a fork for this step to incorporating the flour into the you don't get lumps.  Now you can turn on your stove to medium heat.  Add the milk slowly to the sugar/flour mixture so you have a smooth and not lumpy consistency...Once the mixture starts heating up....add some of the warn mixture to the bowl with the egg yolks... stir together to warm up the eggs...We don't want scrambled eggs in our pudding.  Bring to a boil...stirring constantly...cook for 5 minutes.

After you have the Whipping Cream and the Homemade "Sauce" prepared then you need to layer the ingredients in the Trifle bowl.  Start with the Angel Food Cake (tear into small pieces) then pour over the Homemade "Sauce", Cherry Pie filling and the whipping cream.  Make sure you finish it off with the Whipping Cream.  Refrigerate until ready to serve.

Not as pretty as my Mom's but it tastes just as good....sooooooo yummy. I just had to share.... :)



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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Easter Blessings

The Blessing of a Precious baby's first Easter

This Baby is a Miracle

This little tiny baby
Was sent from God above
To fill our hearts with happiness
And touch our lives with love
He must have known
We'd give our all
And always do our best
To give our precious baby love
And be grateful and so blessed

Arthor - Unknown


Happy Easter

Cameron is truly a blessing to all of us...especially his Momma and Daddy...

Who knew one little baby boy could fill our lives with so much love and happiness?

Cameron with Aunt Angie...and his Cousin Holly.  They were missing Jackson...He spent Easter with his Daddy's Family.

His Nana Leona had a tough time holding on to him....Where you goin' Cameron?

 Cameron's 1st Easter Picture ....He is sooooo little.

God is at work all around us...he is so good and blessed us with a beautiful Easter...

....and my 50th Birthday was awesomely painless!!!!



Everything's coming up Roses...

These days it seems everywhere I look... roses are in bloom.  All the buttercups, tulips, and forsythia are long gone. We were worried Easter wasn't going to be very colorful but the Summer like weather produced an abundance of Roses...

Roses in my Mother's Garden


Rose's in the Garden at Work

Roses at Home


I can truly say without a doubt we have been blessed ... and everything is coming up Roses...:)


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