Saturday, February 4, 2012

Rustic Wine Cabinet

Rustic Wine Cabinet

$700 Wine Cabinet

My husband has finally been bitten by the Re-use and Repurpose bug.!!! :)

In high school, JP, took woodworking shop.... he made his Momma a pie safe. 
 I have "lusted" over it for years!

It has only taken me 15 years of dreaming and suggesting...LOL!

Pallet Wine Cabinet
Expensive Inspiration!

  We visited a local retail shop and I laid my eyes on the most beautiful peace of furniture.  I love rustic looking furniture sooooo when I saw this small wine cabinet...I must have been all dreamy eyed and asked, "Wouldn't this be so cool made out of old pallets?"  It helped tremendously.... I had just talked him into buying himself a new leather recliner....perfect timing! :)...  Plus, the wine cabinet had an insane price tag ($700)!  The stars aligned....and prayers were finally answered. 

Here is the finished product.  I am so proud... he did an awesome job. 

Let's party! ~ Susan

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