Sunday, January 29, 2012

Old Piano Bench Repurpose

Ann Sloan Chalk Paint - Old Piano Bench

I have alway loved all aspects of painting and I knew this would be a good first project for my new blog.   My friend Cindy Lou found me an old piano bench at an estate sale a few years back.  It has been in our game room.... then my Art Studio and then sadly...banished to the Attic...:(

  I'm not in the habit of taking before and after pictures...but here is the "almost" before picture....notice the paint running down the leg...:)

This is the upholstery fabric I lucked up on my trip to the Habitat Restore on Friday...for $1.00...:)

I have seen so many beautiful projects while reading blogs... I was inspired and went ahead and made my first purchase of Ann Sloan Chalk Paint from...

 I was trying to cut corners and decided to skip buying the clear wax and the special brush to apply the wax.   I did go ahead and get the Dark Wax and I am so glad I did.   It added such a rich look to the finished project.

I had to use two layers of paint, French Linen.  After it dried I went over the bench with a clear paste wax and then lightly distress the edges.  The last step was to apply a coat of the Dark Wax. 

This was a fun first project for my Rain and Roses blog... It turned out awesome.  I would put this in the "Roses" category... it makes me smile... and is a special addition to our home.  :)


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Saturday, January 21, 2012

My word of inspiration

 J u m p


There are so many things to accomplish in this new I chose the word Jump as my word for inspiration.


 This is the year for new beginnings.  I plan to jump into being 50 years old...feet first...laughing and grinning!!!

I am a new one of the sweetest little guys I have ever met!  His Momma and Daddy think he's pretty great, too...

So many things I plan to many possibilities...Just gotta go for it! 


 My first Blog post..."WOW" was that scary! I will jump into making it the best it can be...No worries just gonna jump on in with all I have...heart and soul.... can't be afraid to make mistakes. 

Have one is perfect....So keep CALM and Jump...into a puddle if you like...:)

I need to resume the exercising at the gym...I have always waned to try Yoga This Jump Rope workout is interesting...:)

I am excited and have already begun...Happy New Year....2012 is gonna be the best year yet! 


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Paula Deen's - Shaggy Man's Split Pea Soup

If you've never had Split Pea Soup ... you should give this yummy recipe a try.  I have seen many versions over the years but have never even considered making this green stuff...until I saw Paula's version.  I read a few of the just a friendly reminder...the seasonings are "to taste".

Paula Deen's Shaggy Man Split-pea Soup


Sunday, January 15, 2012

Pinterest Challenge ---Apple Cream Cheese Cake

My Pinterest addiction started in 2011.  Who would have thought it could be such fun using a virtual Bulletin Board!  :)  I also have another addiction... reading blog's.  The combination of both inspired me to start getting my hands dirty or "floury" (whichever the case may be) and put all the "creativity" into action.  I have been so inspire by the many lovely ladies who participate in blogging and Pinterest... so I am beginning a new journey own blog.

Here is my Christmas Present....which was another inspiration...This will have to be the subject of another post...:)

For the Challenge I baked  this Apple Cream CheeseBundt Cake. Here is the link for this recipe...

This was my Husband, John's, Birthday Cake.  His family came to visit on his special day so the cake was cut before I was able to get a pic.  John tried to get some pics for me...but that is a story for another post....The cake was delicious. 

The Happy Baker ....and Blogger!  :)


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